Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry is previously owned and can be some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry in the world.  Here at Saunders this can mean antique jewelry that's decades old, or relatively new jewelry that just needed a new home. Take time to visit our store and view our beautiful heirlooms. Below are some featured examples of our inventory. 


Heirloom Watches

Heirloom Watches

Antique Ballerina Diamond Ring

Antique Platinum Ballerina Ring 


Antique Pearl and Gold Earrings

Antique Diamond Filigree Brooch

Cultured Pearl/Sapphire 14K Bracelet

Opal and Diamond 14K Ring



14K Amethyst/Lavender Jade Ring

14K Amethyst and Pearl Ring

18K Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

18K Diamond Brooch


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