Saunders Jewelry offers a number of different types of appraisals.

Insurance Appraisal - This is a written document detailing a retail replacement value.  This type of appraisal is generally used for cost of replacement in the case of loss or theft.

Estate Appraisal -  This is a written document detailing the wholesale or cash surrender value. This type is usually used in cases of divorce, or death in a family.  Typically for division of assets.

 Edward F. Saunders GIA Graduate Gemologist

Verbal Appraisal - This is typically a casual conversation to determine basic information regarding whether it's real or not, and an approximate value.

Offer For Purchase - This is a firm cash offer given after all values, and options are explored.  Generally no charge for this type of appraisal.

For further explanations, costs, and gemologist availability, a phone call is required.      908-782-1565 ask for Ed

All Appraisals are performed by Edward F Saunders Jr.,  GIA Graduate Gemologist.

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