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Get In Style with Saunders Stackables

The trend still stands… or should we say, stacks!

Layering up your fingers with delicate little bands has become a huge trend these past few seasons and it shows no sign of going out! Rose, yellow or white, people are mixing and matching their rings to create versatile, new looks every day.

This trend can be seen on people young and old. Celebrities and style bloggers alike have been sporting this look too!

If you want some tips to help you achieve a stylish, stacked look, we recommend trying new combinations! Don't load up each finger with multiple rings, for balance, leave some fingers with just one. Try stacking three or four rings on your pointer or ring finger and don't forget your thumb! Stacking is eclectic and a little bit random, but the overall look is very stylish and high fashion.

When adding stones into the mix, some choose to keep it neutral, but don't be afraid to go for a pop of color! One of our favorite looks has been adding rings with the birthstones of your loved ones- sentimental and stylish!

We have a variety of styles and brands to help you achieve your stackable aesthetic whether that's boho-chic or something more contemporary; you can find this look at Saunders!

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